I'm an Editor. I Live in Seattle. I Like Music.  
I'm a music aficionado, toast connoisseur, and Nintendo maven based in Seattle. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, I moved to Seattle two years ago after deciding I could no longer handle fiery Utah summers and desert living. I'm happy to report I'm now living my childhood dream of residing in Fern Gully, though I'm still working on procuring a yurt.

I graduated from Utah State University in 2008, where I earned a bachelor's degree in English (professional and technical writing). After 10 years of copywriting for corporate clients, I decided to pivot to editing. I earned a certificate in editing from the University of Washington in 2016, and I now read grammar books for fun. Sue me.

Sometimes (always) I listen to music when I work, and I believe I owe Thom Yorke for my entire career. If I could create a supergroup, Roy Orbison would front it, and Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Kevin Parker, David Bowie, and George Harrison would provide backup. I'm on tambourine, obviously. 

I own a 1984 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon (Lady Starship) that is my one true love, along with my two cats, Royal and Pagoda. Together, we roam America with big dreams of someday living in Yellowstone to meander with the buffalo and photograph bears all day. When I'm not playing Pokemon on my gold Zelda-edition Nintendo 3DS, I'm reading, listening to Radiohead, or watching the X-files, because the truth is out there.