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One time I looked at my blog and said OOPSIES I haven’t been here since November. Yeah, mah bad. I’ve been busy living the mediocre American dream, just working 8 hours a day, counting down the days until Friday, and drinking coffee to ease the corporate pain. Nah, it really isn’t so bad. Life is just boring, and that’s ok. The older I get, the more I realize that life is essentially boring. But I’m saying boring with a happier connotation than the one society has burdened it with. Boring=stable. Boring=steady. Boring=chill. I’m down with it.

I cut my hair really short because I just really love Clare Underwood.


Royal tore up the toilet paper not once, but twice, because he’s an asshole.

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I’m writing a book, and it’s taking FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. But I’m 7 chapters away from being done with the first round. I need the world to give me a slow clap of “go….go..go Go GO GO GO WRITE WRITE WRITE” Or maybe just a week off so I can finish the damn thing. I’m not sure how anyone writes a book after coming home from the daily grind. That shit’s nuts. But I’m doing it, and once I finish, I’m going to drink a Diet Coke and say, “today was a good day.”

I bought gold Birkenstocks because I needed them to go with my short hair. And then I took this photo at Costco because I’m a stupid millennial that does that kind of thing. Why, whilst browsing the samples, do I think “Oh, you know what? I need to photograph my shoes for Instagram. GRAM TIME!” No. I hate it. But it happened, and I can’t deny it.

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I’m going to grad school in the fall because I like to spend inordinate amounts of money on an imaginary status. It’s an MPC, masters of professional communication, which is just a poohead way to say writing and editing a lot for corporate land. I’m into it.

I’ve been killing a lot of office plants and daydreaming about alternate universes where I don’t have to go to work every day but still have money to buy a lot of MAC lipsticks at will. Mitchell is graduating with his masters in information systems this Friday, so that’s cool. I’m dreading summer, but what’s new? I still hate flossing, and musicals still make me wildly uncomfortable. I’m still the same old same old Amy Morby from days of yore, except I feel really embarrassed that I ever authored an outfit post. I really hope you’ll forgive me for that. I was young and stupid, guys. Don’t hold a grudge.

I need a list of good books to read, so if you feel so inclined, drop some titles in the comments so I don’t lose my mind from trying to write my own stupid book. Also, your favorite TV series to watch on Netflix, and you can’t say Mad Men, Scandal, Gossip Girl, or Ugly Betty because I’ve already conquered those.

Until next time:

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