who makes your money

I’ve been listening to Spoon non-stop lately. Spoon and The Cure. Three Imaginary Boys is my fall JAM, guys. Fall jam to the max. I love the Cure always and forever. Deal with it.

I mostly just wanted to say that human beings are pretty damn incredible. Sometimes you lose a little bit of that tiny faith in humanity and feel like the world hates you tremendously and you should just never wear pants again and stay home until a new wave of movies arrives on the Netflix “New Arrivals” list.

But then sometimes people like Jes say something so insanely nice about you that it takes you off guard, and you can’t even believe someone that nice and rad actually exists. Or you start a new job and everyone is crazy nice to you and says hey, dude. I’m glad you’re here. And you know? Saying I’m glad you’re here is totally underrated, and I’m going to say it more often. Or people comment here wishing me luck and saying congrats, and my mom calls after my first day to tell me she was thinking about me, and I get three texts from my girlfrans saying good luck and all that jazz.

People are good and kind and caring. Even on days when you’re 98% certain this is a total lie, you have to realize that the haters are just that vocal minority with this bizarre and oft-times entitled vitriol. They’re loud, and they’re angry, but they’re not the status quo. Don’t you forget it.

Humanity will be ok as long as we remember to say good morning, it’s nice to see you, and thank you. Even a smile in an elevator can cool down that raging anxiety attack from a 10 down to a cool 4. And I never realized all of this until I watched THIS VIDEO that you need to drop everything and watch right meow. Because we’re all in it together. Life ain’t easy for anyone. So why make it a total kick in the ass when it doesn’t have to be?

Thanks for being kind and good and awesome and caring. I promise I’ll work on being a more self-aware citizen of renegade kindness from here on out.

Until next time, some film photos of camping. Shot with the Fujica STX-1 and Kodak Portra 400 film.