new/fresh/snazzy starts

Woah baby, hello! Sometimes I forget that I like to write, and when that happens I just make a lot of excuses about why I’m not writing. Like, oh, I’m really tired today, and work was tough, so I’ll just watch Extreme Cheapskates. Or oh yeah, I got a new job and start on Monday, so my mind just really isn’t there. And next week it will be Oh yeah, I started a new job this week and it’s been crazy, so yeah. And then I realize AMY–you’re being a total doofus. Just write. I make a lot of excuses, and I think that as a writer I get pretty darn good at making excuses. But I have to watch Rosemary’s Baby! It’s integral to my creativity that I watch this classic. And what I really need to do right now is finish reading The Secret History. I’ll write tomorrow. This couch really needs some bum fluffing because it’s looking dejected, and we can’t have that. And Royal really needs to be photographed right now because his nose is pink and the spot on the back of his foot is gray and adorable.

See? Excuses. I’m full of them.

The truth is, I did get a new job. One I’m wildly excited about. I know what all of you old readers are thinking–AMY YOU HAVE SO MANY JOBS GET REAL. To which I say, I KNOW, guys! I just have so many dreams. I can’t help it. Except this time I can because I feel like it’s kind of a dream job. And I plan to stay because it’s the perfect fit, and for once in my life, I feel so completely ready to be settled in something.

That being said, new jobs are exciting and terrifying all at once. And I leave my old job with much sadness–I worked with my best friend, and the team there was pretty much overwhelmingly amazing. I’ve never really left a job NOT angry at the situation, and I’m leaving this one ONLY because the perfect job happened to open up. So, this is a bittersweet week for me. The timing is weird, and I’m crazy scared to leave my comfy work family, but for the writer in me, this is the best move possible.

So, to all of you doing difficult things this week, I commend you. And I wish you the very best of luck because we are in it together. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my twenties, it’s that we are so much more capable of doing hard things than we really can even fathom. It’s wildly uncomfortable, it’s terrifying, and it’s disconcerting, but it’s always in you. Don’t forget that part. Because there’s really not a whole lot you CAN’T do. And I just wanted to remind you of that.

(More X-Pro 1 photos in NYC. The lat of the batch I swear.)













  • Stephanie

    Amy that’s so fantastic! I can’t wait to hear more about all the shenaniguns you’ll be getting into with your dream job. It looks like you guys had a pretty fab time in NYC. I’m definitely crazy a soft pretzel now, thanks! Alas, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. I get the not writing blog posts and always writing excuses. Truth it, when you work full time – it’s also hard to blog full time. I feel ya there. So take your time, enjoy the start of your new job and we’ll be here when you return! <3

    • AmyMorby

      Full time jobs are so laaaaaame. But bills, dude. Bills. And my raging gel nail polish addiction. Thank you so much for reading!

  • Megan Spedding

    Umhi! I love your blog. Just stumbled across it today, and immediately was like, “Vanagon!” Hubs and I just bought our lovely van, Stella, this past August, and love her oh so, so, so much. Your photoshoot is so dreamy.

    Congrats on the new gig!!! Having some major new-job envy up in here. :)


    • AmyMorby

      What?! AMAZING! Congratulations on your beautiful new family addition. Aren’t they the best?! We love ours so much. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! You are the sweetest. xo

  • sierrabritton

    Yay for new jobs! Oh, and I just started watching Extreme Cheapskates tonight. I’m hooked.

  • Kayla

    Yay, congrats on the new job! I’ve been having some struggles with mine lately, so your “there isn’t a whole lot you CAN’T do” bit hit pretty close to home and gave me a nice moment to take a quiet breath. So much holding it, lately, especially when sometimes I’m just not sure I fit in to where I think I should.

    A former roommate of mine also just shared a really nice article on Facebook titled “You Have Evidence To Prove Otherwise,” which was about reminding yourself that all of those “I never” and “I can’t”‘s (holy apostrophes, Batman!) can more often than not be crushed because, really, you “have evidence to prove otherwise.” I have evidence to prove that I can achieve and excel in my job. History says so. I’ve got proof.* Big, deep breath. We’re okay.

    * man i really wanted to make a pudding joke just then but i couldn’t bring myself to break the thought with a laughter derailment. maybe should’ve went for the gusto on it and made the joke anyway. oh well.

    • AmyMorby

      Bahaha extra points if you worked bill Cosby in there somehow with the pudding. Girl I feel you. I think we know there’s not a whole lot we can’t do but it’s the DOING that is tough. Lately I rely more on going for it rather than weighing it too heavily because my irrational fear always wins that pros and cons list. I have also learned that tiny tiny things can be done too. It doesn’t have to be huge like everyone makes it out to be. Love you mama. Hang in there.

  • Sarah

    Congratulations! I hope it’s a fantastic fit for you.

  • Maria

    I hope this job is amazing. you look fucking beautiful. i miss you

    • AmyMorby

      Mariaaaaaaa love you mama. Thank you.

  • Gillian Veitch

    Woo hoo, I knew you’d get it!! Congrats:)

  • lori

    Wooots! Congrats on the new job. And your pics are ammmmaaazing x 10. Fact. Have a fantastic day lady!

  • pioneerpat1

    Congrats on the new job. I feel like such a dinosaur because I have been at mine for 17 years. The good thing is that if i stay for three more years I will get medical for life and I can retire in 11 years with 70% of my salary.
    Love the pics of New York, I really want to go someday.

  • Katie