ode to katie

A break from New York posts to say this. Sometimes you meet people unexpectedly that are so wildly inspiring and contagiously kind that you don’t even know what hit you. This is Katie Edwards. A stranger turned coworker turned office mate turned amaze friend whom I love dearly. Katie is currently making a very exciting leap, and the positive vibes of goodness and success and living dreams emanates from her all the way from her upstairs office into my downstairs dungeon. I love her, and she was so kind to take our photos this last weekend with the Westy. If you know me or read my former blog at all, you know we love our Westy more than anything in the world, minus our cats. So to have Katie take our photos with her is a crazy honor, and I’m so excited I flash danced in my room in my undies.

Katie, you are incredible. Thank you so much for taking these photos that we will treasure on up mad hard. All photos taken and copyrighted by Katie Edwards. Go check her out, follow her insta, and her blog. She’s incredible.

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IMG_0826(pp_w800_h533) IMG_0925(pp_w800_h533) IMG_1009(pp_w800_h1200) IMG_1018(pp_w800_h533) IMG_1047(pp_w800_h533) IMG_1087(pp_w800_h533) IMG_07281(pp_w800_h533) IMG_07351(pp_w800_h1200) IMG_07431(pp_w800_h533) IMG_07541(pp_w800_h539) IMG_07601(pp_w800_h1182) IMG_07731(pp_w800_h1200) IMG_07982(pp_w800_h520) IMG_08071(pp_w800_h1200) IMG_08751(pp_w800_h1200) IMG_09501(pp_w800_h517) IMG_09681(pp_w800_h522)

  • http://laurakateiscrafty.blogspot.com/ Laura Kate

    love love love love love these portraits.

  • http://www.curiositiesandtales.blogspot.com/ Dulce

    Totally in love with these pictures!, Your Westy is gorgeous!

    • AmyMorby

      Thank you so much!!

  • Lauren Belen

    This post made me want to buy a Westy. Seriously. I just looked at them online. Great, great pictures :)

    • AmyMorby

      DO it. Best choice you will ever make!

  • Kat Johnson

    Girl, you are FIERCE. You were also channeling some Zooey Deschanel in a few of those too!

    • AmyMorby

      Whaaaaat you are so nice!! Best compliment. Thank you for reading my blog!! It means a lot. :)

  • Tamber

    Great portraits!! So cute! Your Westy reminds me of the one my dad had briefly when I was a kid…which led to me buying the Bus I have now. (“You could, like, LIVE in your car….wow…”)

    • AmyMorby

      Haha yes!!!!! Always stoked to meet fellow van lovers. I DO want to live in it!!!

  • Sarah

    These are so beautiful! When my husband and I first started dating (which was also around the time I found your old blog), we wanted to get a Westy SO BADLY. We still do, but it’s way too cold in northern Germany to live in one, which is the only way we could even possibly afford it!

    • AmyMorby

      So jelly of where you live!! Yes definitely too cold to live in there. You should totally get one though!! Get an oldie but a goodie. Also, I’m so honored that you still read my blog. Thank you so much!!

  • Michelle | CreatureType.com

    Omg you guys are such freaking babes–all three of you! ;) These are beautiful <3

    • AmyMorby

      Eeee you are so nice!! Thank you. Xo

  • Kimberly Lynne


  • Jenny

    love jenny

  • pioneerpat1

    Great pics. Very cool.

  • http://raesock.blogspot.com/ rae – say it ain’t so

    those are so cute! you need to get that first one made into one of those big obnoxious canvas wraps!

  • Katie

    I love these photos. they are so good!