5 years ain’t nothin’ but a flesh wound

so here’s a weird fact. well, two weird facts. the first is that the shift key is broken on my keyboard, so i apologize for the seemingly blatant disregard for basic grammatical principles. it is not intended, i assure you. secondly, i’ve been married for 5 years as of last week. and i think that’s wild. mitch thought so, too, so we took a celebratory trip to visit this kid in new york and take a bold venture outside of our sheltered utah bubble.

the trip was a lot of things, all of which were pleasant and most of which were spiritually revolutionary. by that i just mean it gave my stagnant system a much needed jolt back into the pleasant realities that, believe it or not, do exist. contrary to popular belief, human beings are pretty neat, and the world has plenty of quality hearts willing to pour beauty into the cracks and crevices of life’s banal humdrum. and they do it willingly because they are passionate and because they couldn’t imagine life without it, and i think new york is kind of the hub of that goodness. and i dig it.















more to come.

  • Carly

    These photos, this post. I love it all. So happy to hear you had a fantastic time celebrating 5 years of marriage, woo! You both look fantastic, can I just point that out?? Such babes…you’re looking AMAZING Mrs Morby!! Can’t wait to hear & see more about this trip. We’ve never been to NYC and are pretty much dying to go..next trip after Jamaica for Kyles wedding for suuuure!

    • AmyMorby

      You are so so kind and I love your guts. You definitely need to go!! It was my favorite trip by far. So magical there.

  • http://maxelman.com Max Elman

    Love the photos! Is your right shift key broken too?

    • AmyMorby

      Thanks max!! YES!! The secret is I spilled coffee on it awhile ago and most of the keys don’t work. :(

  • http://raesock.blogspot.com/ rae – say it ain’t so

    congrats on five years! that is where we were this year and i still can’t believe it. i want to go back to new york so bad. we went on our honeymoon. I’m hoping we can make a trip in the spring.

  • Jenny

    stop being the cutest humans on earth.

  • Katie

    you are the cutest!