night warriors. or, how I got my passion back

So, Melanie said something profound to this post that stopped me in my existential crisis tracks, and I cried out a resounding YES! Yes, Melanie. You speak truth. She said…

“So let’s make a pact to do it, even if it means being tired from a full time day job and then pursuing our other selves at night and on weekends until we can just take that leap. Do it. You won’t be alone.”

Yes. This is simple. And I maybe should have been able to figure this out on my own. But, thing is, being an American means you learn to base your entire worth off of what you do. So, unhappiness in your job often leads to unhappy entirely. Like, sweet. I’m not worth anything because I fail at jobs. And that’s a nasty snowball of a thought that quickly turns into I spend 8 hours a day there, 5 days a week, and I hate it, and I don’t know who I am, and I made a mistake in college choosing what I chose and AHHHHH the world is ending.

But then Melanie comes and says this to me. She reminds me that I have my nights. Yes, my nights usually involve the couch and Say Yes to The Dress. Because 99% of the time work made me so crazy that it’s all I can really do. But maaaaaaybe I could redirect some angry energy into positive energy into what I have to look forward to post 9-5. Revolutionary idea, right? This is where you say, pfft–Amy, you crazy! Quit being a pessimist and get on the train most of us are on. To which I say, I KNOW. Late to the game. But I forgot there was life outside of a job.

So, I do Project Life. I take guitar lessons. I have wine nights with my girlfrans. I make weird soups in my Blendtec that haven’t really turned out, but at least I tried. The point is, you can pursue your passions at night. And as someone that can’t quite make a huge leap into a career shift or going back to school QUITE yet, I think this thought is pretty neat. So, thanks, Melanie, for reminding me that there’s still life outside of the career.